250,000 open jobs? Gov. Bill Lee continues to mislead public on jobs to justify federal unemployment cuts

Analysis: Only 3% of job listings pay above family poverty line, people out of work drastically outnumber recent job postings

Lee’s low-wage job crisis

Screenshot from Jobs4TN.gov, a jobs board Gov. Bill Lee often mentions to justify rejecting federal aid for out-of-work Tennesseans.

Majority of job posts older than a month

Of the “quarter million job postings,” nearly 192,000 are more than a month old, the analysis shows. And when a user searches recent job postings, Jobs4TN produces far fewer hits than there are people looking for work.

The number of people who are out of work drastically outnumbers the number of recent job postings on Jobs4TN.gov, a website Gov. Bill Lee has used to justify cutting federal aid for workers.

Lee’s decision will hurt families, businesses

The congressional analysis shows Tennessee’s economy will lose $486 million due to Gov. Lee’s decision to cancel enhanced unemployment benefits for out-of-work Tennesseans.



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