‘Codifying hatred’

Sen. Raumesh Akbari votes against bill targeting trans student athletes

NASHVILLE — Sen. Raumesh Akbari (D-Memphis) cast the lone no vote against a Republican bill targeting trans student athletes in middle and high school.

Senate Bill 228 would require students to participate in sports based on the gender listed on their birth certificate.

When asked directly, the GOP bill sponsor could not identify a single instance in Tennessee involving a trans student athlete.

Sen. Akbari said this legislation, if approved, will draw the state into another losing lawsuit for a culture war while major challenges go unaddressed.

“This bill invites problems for the state instead of solving them. To me this is codifying hatred against one group of people and that doesn’t serve anyone,” Sen. Akbari said. “Our business community is warning us about the consequences of wasting time on these politics of division. The legal community is warning us about the lawsuits waiting at our door.

“This nonsense will cost all of our families and inflict more emotional trauma on trans kids,” Sen. Akbari said. “The legislature should step back; let’s trust our local school officials, who are closest to the students, to make fair decisions for all the families involved.”



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