UNCONSTITUTIONAL: Democrats applaud court’s ruling ​on private school voucher law

NASHVILLE — Democratic senators hailed Monday a state court’s ruling against a private school voucher program, calling the decision a “victory for public schools.”

Sen. Raumesh Akbari (D-Memphis) issued the following statement:

Public school tax dollars are meant for public schools, to serve every kid with a high quality education regardless of their zip code. Private school vouchers break that shared promise by defunding our neighborhood schools, student by student and brick by brick. That’s why so many school districts wanted no part of this faulty program.

But tonight, a judge ruled it is unconstitutional for the legislature to single out school districts and force a program on them that no one wants. The ruling is a victory for public schools in Shelby County, Nashville and families who believe in the promise of public education across the state.

Sen. Jeff Yarbro (D-Nashville) praised the decision on Twitter:

Vouchers = bad policy, bad politics, bad budgeting, and now bad law.

Hopefully, we can now re-direct the voucher funding to something constitutional that the state actually needs.

While public education supporters applauded the decision, the case will now head to the Tennessee Supreme Court.

The courts are attempting to deliver a final verdict on the program before its August start date.



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