Increased jobless claims reflect controlling party’s flawed priorities, Sen. Sara Kyle says

NASHVILLE — Unemployment claims in Tennessee have hit a seven-week high and now nearly 172,000 workers have lost their job since the beginning of the year, according to new claims data.

Yesterday, the Department of Labor and Workforce Development announced Tennessee’s unemployment rate increased slightly from 4.9% in April to 5.0% in March.

Sen. Sara Kyle (D-Memphis) says the latest jobless claims are a reflection of the flawed legislative priorities pursued by the controlling party.

“Coming out of the biggest economic downturn in a decade and the worst health crisis of a century, small business owners and working people deserved better from this legislature, but certain politicians just watch as our communities suffer,” Sen. Kyle said. “Instead of solving problems, they’ve been obsessed with divisions and distractions, pointing fingers at this group and that group. Ultimately, these politicians are creating more economic harm for everyone — no matter what you look like or where you live.”

The same economic analysis shows there are 84,300 fewer jobs in the Volunteer State than there were a year ago with workers in leisure and hospitality accounting for more than half of the lost positions (43,100). There are also 17,800 fewer jobs in healthcare and 7,000 less in manufacturing.




Fighting for everyday people in the Tennessee General Assembly

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Tennessee Senate Democrats

Tennessee Senate Democrats

Fighting for everyday people in the Tennessee General Assembly

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