Sen. Brenda Gilmore marks ‘deadliest’ month of the pandemic in Tennessee

NASHVILLE — As Tennessee finishes September, the most deadly month of since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Sen. Brenda Gilmore (D-Nashville) is reminding leaders and citizens both: “We cannot wish this virus away.”

Sen. Gilmore’s full statement:

Today marks a grave milestone in Tennessee: September was our state’s deadliest month of the coronavirus pandemic. Nearly 2,500 parents, grandparents and even children right here in Tennessee have died because of COVID-19.

While this pandemic has taken its toll on families from all walks of life, it’s hit the poor, who are working, low-paid essential jobs, and African Americans, whose communities have long been denied equitable health resources, especially hard.

What is even worse: many of these were preventable deaths. Unfortunately, the governor’s office was fast to reject many life-saving containment measures and gave up the few safeguards that were in place too quickly.

We cannot wish this virus away. It is here and more deadly than ever.

In the midst of the state’s deadliest month, Gov. Bill Lee lifted on Sept. 29 the few COVID-19 safeguards and restrictions that remained in place from executive orders.

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