Sen. London Lamar: A new fight begins today

MEMPHIS — Reacting to the U.S. Supreme Court’s “unprecedented” decision to overrule constitutional rights guaranteed by Roe v. Wade, Tennessee Sen. London Lamar, D-Memphis, vows to keep working toward reproductive justice and equality.

Her full statement:

As a woman who has lost a child during pregnancy, I know that every pregnancy is unique and complex. That is why women should have control over their own bodies and lives — including the decision about when to start their family.

The Supreme Court’s extreme and unprecedented decision to overturn Roe v. Wade takes away the ability of women to control their own bodies and turns that power over to the Tennessee General Assembly. We know Tennessee has a trigger law, which means abortion will be banned in our state within 30 days. Restricting and banning abortion only exacerbates the maternal health crisis in this country.

It is unconscionable that a group of politicians, who mostly neglect families that look like mine, now have the power to endanger women’s health and criminalize our doctors for offering appropriate live-saving care.

I am devastated. I am angry. But words fail to describe the pain and horror I am feeling right now as I try to make sense of where this dangerous decision will lead us.

But know this: A new fight begins today. We will not stop until every woman has the explicit right to shape our families, to access the healthcare we need, and to decide when or whether we have children.



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