Sen. Raumesh Akbari named to Stacey Abrams-led Fair Fight fellowship program

Voting rights group expanding fellowship to Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana

MEMPHIS —Sen. Raumesh Akbari (D-Memphis) will be joining a highly selective fellowship program run by Fair Fight, the voting rights group founded by Stacey Abrams.

For the past two years, Fair Fight focused on developing a cohort of elected officials in the state of Georgia. This year, the program is expanding Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

“People often write off the South as a place where elections and fights for progressive values are unwinnable — but we’re proving that the South is ground zero for the next wave of progressivism in this country. Through the Fair Fight National Fellowship Program, we will continue to support and develop the next generation of strong progressive leaders across the South,” said Fair Fight Political Director André D. Fields.

Sen. Akbari said this nonprofit work is focused on engaging underserved communities.

“Representation is the corner stone our democracy, but in Tennessee, our state government has not done enough to make sure every voice in our communities is being heard. Fair Fight wants every person in South — black, white or brown — to understand the power they have to influence the resources that funnel back to our communities, money for hospitals, schools and transportation,” Akbari said. “And as Tennesseans, we want to learn everything we can to better educate people about the power they have to make a difference.”

The fellowship program is devoted to expanding knowledge and awareness of issues important to Fair Fight — particularly voting rights, legislative functionality and grassroots advocacy.

Through this unique opportunity, Fair Fight Senior Fellows across the South will enhance their understanding of a wide range of topics like fundraising, grassroots organizing and voter protection to expand the quality of leadership within the progressive ecosystem.

The program will last two months and culminate in a joint graduation ceremony with the Georgia Senior Fellows and keynote speaker Stacey Abrams in December 2021.

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