Sen. Robinson’s effort would allow more voting by mail

NASHVILLE — Sen. Katrina Robinson, a nurse who worked inside New York City hospitals at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, says voters should be allowed to skip polling sites where coronavirus may be lingering this year.

Sen. Robinson will present Senate Bill 193 today in the Senate State and Local Government Committee meeting. Her legislation, if approved, would expand the right to vote absentee by mail for first-time voters and for any voter who fears they may come in contact with the coronavirus at a busy polling location.

“There are 106,000 Americans dead from Covid-19. I witnessed firsthand what this virus does to the body and, right now in this pandemic, no person should be forced into a crowded room just to cast a vote,” Sen. Robinson said. “Extending the right to vote by mail to every eligible voter is the smartest and safest health precaution we can take as a state.”

Additionally, the state could expand voting by mail at no cost to taxpayers thanks to the federal CARES Act, which provided the state billions of dollars for costs related to protecting health. Some of that money is earmarked specifically for elections purposes, including costs related to increased voting by mail.

Voting by mail is safe and reliable as well. State election records show that more than 630,000 votes have been cast by mail in two decades, mostly by members of the military and Tennesseans over the age of 60.




Fighting for everyday people in the Tennessee General Assembly

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Tennessee Senate Democrats

Tennessee Senate Democrats

Fighting for everyday people in the Tennessee General Assembly

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